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Hispanic Ministry


We warmly welcome new Hispanic members who want to be a part of this St. James parish community and invite them to celebrate the faith, life, Christian values ​​and religious traditions that are all sown in the heart and are the Best gift they bring to this country.

15 years Father Henry Shelton opened the heart to the Hispanic community and since then began the pastoral work with the arrival of Father Augusto Langenkamp, ​​to serve the Hispanic population as a sacramental minister. Throughout these years we have grown in a number of ways: in the number of Hispanic families and parishioners who have decided to be part of this St. James parish family, as well as in the pastoral activities that unfold with the Hispanic community. All this thanks to the commitment, generosity, time, service and talents that many people contribute to build a fraternal community, united, united, multicultural and above all a community mature in faith.

Father Tim Murphy continues this ministry along with Hispanic Community Coordinator Raquel Thompson continuing the work of Father Tom Lalor and Father Lincoln Dall to more effectively serve the Hispanic community and to be the bridge of integration into a culturally diverse community.

St. James is the only Catholic Church in Tupelo and our mission with the Hispanic community is to make the person of Jesus Christ known to all parishioners and to make Jesus the center of their lives and to be able to experience that He is the source of everything Good and all happiness.

The purpose of this website is to inform you about the schedules and pastoral activities that we develop with the Hispanic parish community, to which you want to integrate, participate and serve with the talents and gifts that God has given you.

Father Henry Shelton: Retired; Tupelo, MS

Father Augusto Langenkamp SVD: July 11, 1929 – August 23, 2016

Father Tom Lalor: St. Paul Catholic Church, Vicksburg, MS

Father Lincoln Dall: St. Jude Catholic Church, Pearl, MS


Celebramos la misas en español todos los Domingos a las 11:00 AM.


Spanish Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in the C.L.C.

Hispanic Minister: Raquel Thompson